two children playing on a coloured tray. View is from the back.

that's all for now - see you in September!

We have loved our outdoor sessions this term and made lots of lovely memories with our families. We are now closed for the summer and will be back in September. We are moving indoors and will let you knwi where, when we have it all sorted.

Have a lovely summer and see you in the autumn.


Our Drop-in sessions are open to anyone with a pre-school child and you can come more than once a week if you wish. Toys and activities for the children and a hot drink for you!

Please be mindful that some people may still prefer to keep their distance. Masks will need to be worn if entering the church building for the toilet.

We ask for a donation of £1 per session to cover refreshments, please let us know if you prefer to pay for a block by card.

A small baby sits on a red mat and plays with some small plastic toys. He holds a rattle up with his right hand.
A group of children and mothers sit around a rainbow striped blanket eating snacks outdoors in the shade of a gazebo, sunlight streams down amongst them.


Drop-in Stay and Play 1-2.30pm

“I don’t know what I’d do without Ivy Street, my social life would come to an end!”

Jo, Mum of 2 year old.


Drop-in Stay and Play 9.30 -11am

Drop-in Stay and Play 1-2.30pm

"Lockdown babies was the first chance I had to meet other mums and babies after my baby was born in the first lockdown...I've made friends, as has my baby girl, that have been really important to us, and I hope we'll stay in touch in years to come!"

Hayley, Mum of 4 month old.

A little boy with brown curly hair sits at a table. He has a blue painting apron on and using a paintbrush to put blue and orange paint onto a bottle which he holds with his left hand. He is concentrating very hard and has paint all over his hand and the table.
Angela sits on the floor reading a story book to some young children.She is looking at the book and pointing to the pictures, a young boy in a blue top is sitting in front of her and gesturing along to the story, he looks very animated and involved. There is a rack of dressing up clothes behind them.


Drop-in Stay and Play 9.30-11am

includes Music with Victoria

"Come sit down and get comfy. What's your name? Would you like a cup of tea?" a friendly face asked. Now this was something that makes Ivy St different from all the other groups I had previously attended."
Victoria – Mum of two and our Musical Storyteller

Drop-in Stay and Play 1-2.30pm


Growbaby is open on Wednesdays 10am - 2pm for collection of items, by appointment only for now.

We are located at 156 Hoxton St, N1 6SH


we look forward to seeing you soon!

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