A little boy sits at a red spotted table with a cardboard crown on his head. He is smiling and touching the crown. On the table there is colouring pens and paper.

why we do what we do

We are firmly committed to building up relationships both within families and between families. The Christian foundation of our charity means that we aim to demonstrate our faith in a practical way, showing care and concern for all. We welcome people to all our activities regardless of their faith, gender, sexual orientation, family background or race. Everyone is treated with respect and we love to see families from different backgrounds making connections and supporting each other.

We aim to provide a stimulating environment for the children and a safe and friendly place for the adults. The activities and outings that we plan always foster the building of relationships between either the child and carer, the child and other children or the adults with each other.

We fully support breastfeeding at the Centre and you are welcome to breastfeed at any of our sessions. Angela (Director of Services) is a trained Health Visitor and can offer basic breastfeeding advice and support.

We are committed to showing care and concern for every person that comes through our door and we address any behavioural issues with this in mind. On the rare occasion that a child’s or adult’s behaviour causes concern we will address it in a respectful but firm manner and in private if possible. Parents and carers are responsible for their children at all times and should not leave the premises without their children.

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